Brett Loving, innovative designer and owner/founder of EARTHWORKS, a Hamptons-based company, utilizes heavy modern machinery to produce art that reveals the inherent splendor and complexity of the world that surrounds him. His tool is a 36,000 lbs. Volvo excavator, a machine designed to bulldoze, destruct and dig. With it, he creates works that are powerful but also surprisingly subdued and transcendent.

The machine is equipped with another contraption, brush or scraper, which are then put in contact with the canvas, wood, metal or linen with a mix of oil paint in colors that speak to him at the moment. Then the apparatus goes in motion, dancing and crawling, stopping and moving forward and back at his direction and following his mood and inspiration. It is a fascinating process and the bystander cannot but feel awed by the creations that emerge.

Brett was born in San Diego California and raised in a small and quaint town in Lakeside Montana located on Flathead Lake with Glacier National Park cast in the background. He was still in his teens when he started professional motocross racing, which he left after he was hurt and had an epiphany of sorts. Artistic pursuit, painting and spirituality slowly emerged as ways of channeling his emotions and vibrant energy.

He now lives in Sag Harbor, NY, between Ocean and Bay, surrounded with water.

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