Jöel Moens de Hase is a Belgian artist renowned for his digital art.

Though he started as a painter, when he began using computers in 2011 to convey a vision of our highly technological world, flooded with Internet, images, and computers, he never looked back.

His work interprets our modern society and its obsession with technology as a wondrous carnal reality. He looks for and finds the unifying thread, the unflawed unity in the invasion of images that besiege and dominate the web.

And in so doing, he reveals a familiar yet mysterious and often impudent world of sensuality and erotic sublimations. Simply put, Moens attempts to create artistic harmony but also sassiness and fun out of a chaotic graphic onslaught.

In Moens's own words, "My work represents the contemporary world and is an emphasis on the (overwhelming) importance of the internet, the number of images we see daily and the computers we all use so extensively... But as far as I am concerned art has to remain esthetically sensitive, make you dream or come to peace."

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